Biodiversity patterns in Mediterranean coralligenous outcrops


Study Sites

medDiversa has a comprehensive littoral field surveys along the coast of Spain and France (covering more than 3000km of coastline). Most of the study sites are Marine Protected Areas (MPA). We focused on MPA because ideally they should include the most representative and richest sites if they are to conserve and preserve the maximum biodiversity legacy. The study sites have been divided into three main regions: South region (Mar de Alborán, Cabo de Palos), Central region (Islas Columbretes, Es Vedrà, es Vedranell & Illots de Ponent Natural Reserves) and North region (Illes Medes, Cap de Creus, Calanques-Marseille, Port-Cros, Scandola). These localities follow a latitudinal and oceanographic gradient.